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Here’s a quick look inside the studio where I work, and the latest videos I’ve produced at Bloomberg Politics.

Project Ed and Griffin Hammond team up to bring you Time Travel! (and the definition of Retroactive)


We challenged uber-talented filmmaker Griffin Hammond to teach the definition of one of our favorite words, retroactive, in a one minute video shot only on iPhones. In the process, we invented time travel (sort of)!

This video is shot entirely on two iPhones. To see how Griffin was able to…

I got a new camera—the Panasonic GH4, so I tested it against my GH3 on everything from crop factor to rolling shutter, moire and high ISO performance. The GH4 is great, but it doesn’t beat the GH3 on everything!

Hi Griffin! I watch a lot of your videos, and I think you are my mentor in the videogrphy field. Recently I've bought some serious equipment including GH3, fs100, few pieces of glass, and I've been booked to shot a wedding, however I've never done a wedding before and everyone is keep on telling me that it is very tricky. Could you please give me some professional advice how to handle it the first time? I would enormously appreciate your help! Thank you so much! Looking forward to hear from you!

Asked by konstantin-ryb

Thanks! Here’s a video I made that might answer several of your questions. You’ll get great footage with those two cameras. (You have two tripods? How do you plan to capture the audio?) You should go to the rehearsal to plan how you’ll capture what you need inside the church. The ceremony can be hectic, but I don’t think it’s too tricky. Even if you make mistakes, it’s still their wedding day. They’ll love watching anything you capture.

My first time trying out the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset—to immerse myself in Game of Thrones!

Until recently, I refused to call myself filmmaker. I’d go by videographer or video producer, because I didn’t recognize any of my thousands of videos as films. But now that I’m a full-time creator, and have produced a documentary—intended for a big screen, and it’s been accepted to a film festival!—I’m ready to say, I’m a filmmaker!