Episode 37: White Balance & Kelvin

Episode 37: White Balance & Kelvin

Griffin and Nick answer Kelvin questions and share white balance techniques, then get a surprise medical prescription for voiceover. Plus your questions about finding clients in your small town, which drone to buy, and if you really need an external recorder.

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Listen to Dr. Mark Vaughan’s full recording about “accumulation of mucus on the vocal chords."

Nick would like his hard drive “shucking” video get over 10,000 views.

To help synchronize video file backups to multiple drives, Nick recommends arRsync for Mac.

Special thanks to John Luna who’s been helping produce this show. Subscribe to his YouTube channel.

John also helped me shoot and edit this video about the SpiderLight camera holster.

Watch my latest short film, about Alaskan bears and wildlife photographer Daniel J. Cox.

Griffin Hammond