Episode 42: Syncing Audio On-The-Go

Episode 42: Syncing Audio On-The-Go

With family for Thanksgiving, Griffin and Nick share their audio syncing workflow. Plus, your questions about storyboarding, tripods, and whether you need an infrared neutral density filter.

Pictured on the right, Nick and Griffin met in eighth grade at Gregory Middle School. 1998, Naperville, Illinois.

Normally $599, Nick bought a Dell 27” gaming monitor this week for $350.

*As you online shop over Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday, I recommend a browser plug-in called Invisible Hand, to double check for the best price.

I bought a USB-C dongle to connect my Nintendo Switch to HDMI. Turns out, it also works for my new MacBook Pro, and is $40 cheaper than Apple’s adapter.

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Griffin Hammond