Episode 50: Filming Underwater with the GH5


Episode 50: Filming Underwater with the GH5

Shooting underwater can be expensive. Including the cost of the Panasonic GH5 camera, and 8–18mm lens, I’m submerging $6300 worth of gear in the ocean!

View the full set of equipment I used—including an Ikelight 200DL housing and accessories, and 2500-lumen Sea Dragon lights—at griffinhammond.com/underwater

This week, I bought a much cheaper set of gear: a third Pedco Ultraclamp, microGAFFER tape for travel, and LEE Filters CTO gels—to make some of my very blue LED lights look warmer.

For Panasonic GH5 V-Log footage, I’ve enjoyed a LUT called VLog_to_V709_Varicam, included in this free zip file of LUTs created by Mitch Lally.

For our 50th episode, our friend Adam Rahn has a gift for you! 101 free light leak effects you can use in your next video. Watch his tutorial video, and download the light leak video files here.


Griffin Hammond