Episode 75: Pre-Production Meeting

Episode 75: Pre-Production Meeting

Nick and Griffin plan which microphones and cameras they’ll need for next week’s three-person shoot. Plus, your questions about sound on a budget documentary, upgrading your editing machine, and when you need a location release to sell stock footage.

The Faustian Man wondered why I don’t more actively promote my film Sriracha on the podcast. He says, “I watched it last night still amazing! I love that doc.” It’s free on Amazon Prime.

Kasey asked about music libraries. Episode 47 discusses the topic in-depth. For my music, I use and recommend Artlist. I’m also an affiliate, so I receive a commission if you sign up.

Listen to Alex Ferrari’s interview with Griffin on Episode 258 of Indie Film Hustle—“Making Money with Documentaries & Sriracha with Griffin Hammond”

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