Episode 79: John Luna Edits This Podcast

Episode 79: John Luna Edits This Podcast

John Luna is an Adobe Premiere editor, but he edits this podcast in Final Cut Pro X. Plus, your questions about finding an audience, avoiding flickering lights, and making corporate videos look cool.

*As a burn survivor, John speaks quietly—it’s through his recovery that he taught himself video production.

Subscribe to John Luna on YouTube and follow his Instagram. Watch his video Grand Central Station.

Two resources Griffin recommends for amateur filmmakers is the website NoFilmSchool, and Robert McKee’s book Story.

You don’t need to buy anything for my baby, but because some have asked, Amy and I have a registry.

If you’re interested in Panasonic’s next camera announcement, follow @LumixUSA on Instagram, where they’ll livestream their September 25 press conference at 6:30am EDT. (It’s early because it’s from Photokina in Germany.)

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