Bonus episode: “You’re shooting video, not film”

Bonus episode: “You’re shooting video, not film”

A YouTube commenter suggests Griffin is wrong to call himself a “filmmaker,” because he doesn’t shoot on celluloid film. But most of the last 10 Best Cinematography Academy Award winners were shot with digital ARRI ALEXA cameras:

  • There Will Be Blood (2007) shot on Panavision XL, all in 35mm
  • Slumdog Millionaire (2008) shot on 35mm and Silicon Imaging SI-2K Digital Camera

  • Avatar (2009) shot on Fusion Camera System

  • Inception (2010) shot on 35mm and 65mm film

  • Hugo (2011) shot on ARRI ALEXA

  • Life of Pi (2012) shot on 6 ARRI ALEXAs

  • Gravity (2013) used ARRI ALEXA and ARRIFLEX 765

  • Birdman (2014) used ARRI ALEXA

  • The Revenant (2015) was shot with ARRI ALEXA LT and ALEXA 6

  • La La Land (2016) shot on film

Griffin Hammond